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How to clear space on your iPhone without deleting photos

How to clear space on your iPhone without deleting photos

Seeing the “Storage Almost Full” notification pop up is enough to give anyone a mini heart-attack. It also means you can’t take anymore photos!

Many people just trawl through their photo albums and start deleting when this happens, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

CBS have suggested some handy tips that will clear up some space on your device without losing treasured memories.

Delete apps which you don’t use

Do you really need all those apps on your phone? Okay, so you still might find the love of your life on Tinder, but you mostly likely stopped playing Pokémon Go a long time ago.

Go to Settings > Manage Storage to access a list of every app on your phone, including details of how much storage space they occupy. Take a good look at this list; you’ll realise how important apps like “cookie clicker” really are.

Say goodbye to the apps you never use, and avoid the need to ever delete your own photos.

Clear your phone’s cache

Go to Settings > Safari (or your browser of choice) > Clear History and Website Data, and get rid of that unimportant data.

We recommend clearing everything apart from bookmarks, since it’s all just slowing you down.

Delete old text messages

Let’s be honest, you really don’t need those old texts from that ex who screwed you over. Remembering to keep on top of this manually is annoying, but did you know you can set your device up to delete messages after a year, or even 30 days? Just Go to Settings > Messages, then adjust “Keep Messages” to the time you’d like.

Stop automatic updates

It’s important to keep your apps updated for security reasons, but if they’re updating automatically then they could be using up memory without you realising. It’s pretty annoying, and can slow your phone down at the worst imaginable times.

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, then turn off Updates. That’s better.

Attempt to rent a movie with a large file size. Wait… what?

One helpful Reddit user gave iPhone owners a tip so useful for freeing up storage that it went viral.

“Just go to iTunes and search for the movie (with a bigger file size than what you have left on storage), click rent and soon you’ll get the message saying you don’t have enough storage, giving you the option to go to settings. Click that, and magically you will get some storage back (It probably erases some useless data from different apps to try to download the movie).

Repeat the process 4-5 times and before you know it you’ve recovered 1 to almost 2Gb.”

Give it a go; the results may give you a pleasant surprise.

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